The Weissbluth Method

Dr. Daniel Weissbluth believes that quality sleep guidance from the moment your baby comes home from the hospital can prevent many future sleep problems.


His father's research and cooperation has helped generate new tools for parents to facilitate good sleep in their child, and inspired him to create the Weissbluth Pediatrics blog to share further information with families. His apps aid parents in reinforcing many of these healthy sleep habits in their households.

The lectures on WP’s YouTube Channel as well as the eBooks Six Sleep Problems and Solutions (available on iTunes or Amazon) and Sleep Consult (available on iTunes or Amazon) are also excellent Weissbluth Method tools to aid families (Sleep Consult is available as an audiobook as well).


For this reason, sleep advice is given at all well visits and sleep consults are available to families outside the practice at their request.


Baby Sleep

Weissbluth Pediatrics believes very strongly in good, quality sleep for your baby.

    During the newborn period, it is normal for your baby to take short naps (20-30 minutes) throughout the day (always on his/her back). It is also normal for your baby to be awake for no more than 1-2 hours at a time, including feeding times. The most restful sleep is sleep that is motionless. Contact us to schedule a sleep consultation or to find out more information.


    Tips to Lull Your Baby to Sleep


    Gentle movement

    Slight rocking and/or swaying can relax your baby.


    Pitch Black Room

    Keep your baby's room extremely dark. Even slight amounts of light can disrupt sleep, impacting the quality of rest your baby receives as well as its duration.


    Once you develop a routine that works — stick with it! Your baby will learn to respond and be soothed by the repetitive pattern.

    Soft sounds

    Quiet singing, reading, nature sounds and shushing can all help replicate womb sounds to soothe your baby to sleep.


    Whether it is breast, bottle, finger or pacifier, sucking can help your baby wind down for the night.



    Contact us for more information or to schedule a sleep consultation