Your Child's Growth & Development

We know that your child's growth and development is as important to you as it is to us. As your child gets bigger and smarter we'll keep track of the progress, accessible any time on the patient portal. 


0-5 Years

Babies and Toddlers grow (sometimes too) quickly! We know that parents have a lot of questions along the way, about what is "normal", or what may be outside the range of typical development.  


Grade School

As your child develops and begins to interact with other children more and more, it's important to foster a sense of confidence and self-esteem. You don't have to navigate these years alone. If you are concerned about your child's self esteem, shyness, temperament, or disobedience, please bring it to our attention. We are here to help, and can discuss the best strategies for you to use for your child. 



The importance of self-esteem continues into adolescence. We know it can be tricky to navigate those teen years! We can help you approach your child about challenging or uncomfortable subjects, and can give you guidance on how to keep your teen healthy, mentally and physically. Even though they may not be little anymore, well visits can help keep your teen's health on track.