Our Pediatric Services

Our services extend beyond just check-ups and sick child visits. To optimize the accessibility of our pediatric practice and the support it provides, Weissbluth Pediatrics offers the following services to its families:


Free Prenatal Visits

We are currently accepting new patients. Come by and visit our office to meet with our doctors and find out more about the practice! Call our office at 312-202-0300 to schedule your free prenatal appointment today. 



We are offering housecalls!

Call us today for more information 312-202-0300


Sick Visits

We offer sick visits without an appointment 7 days/week. 


Well Visits

We schedule well visits 7 days/week where we give families guidance and advice regarding their child's health. 

Pediatrician On-Call 7 nights/week

Have an emergency question for our pediatricians? Not to worry! We have a doctor on-call after office hours, available by phone all night long. They will return any after-hour page within twenty minutes.


Sleep Consultation

If your family is struggling with sleep issues or your baby is up all night, you've come to the right place. We offer sleep advice at every well visit for families in the practice. Families outside the practice can call the office at 312-202-0300 to schedule a sleep consult with Dr. Weissbluth.


Support Groups

Need a little advice? Attend one of our support groups. 


Lactation and Feeding Specialists

Our two lactation consultants are on staff to assist all new moms in the breast feeding process and beyond. 

Ear Piercing

Our nursing staff offers ear piercing to kids 6 months and older. We pierce children's ears with sterilized, single-use medical crystal stud earrings in a variety of colors.

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