Newborn Care: The First 48 hours and Beyond

A lot happens right after delivery! Please join us at WP as we will be covering newborn care starting in the first 48 hours!.  From the tests done immediately after delivery to the care upon returning home, we will walk you through all aspects of newborn care in this FREE prenatal education class. We will cover feeding, sleeping, rashes, noises, what to buy and how to tell if your baby is not feeling well. Evidenced-based information that every expectant mom should hear! Also, we will host a Q&A session at the conclusion to ensure all of your specific questions get answered!- this talk is great for expectant mothers!


All of our pediatricians are board certified and on staff at Northwetern Prentice Women's Hospital as well as Lurie Children's Hospital. 



This free class is open to the public but recommended for pregnant women or expectant couples only.  This class is taught at both of our office locations.




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